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For 20 years now, our design team members have been developing their skills, creating technologically advanced ergonomic office chairs. At the same time we have been working on solutions stemming from our design identity and creativity. This identity is deeply rooted in the legacy of modernism.

In 2012, our chair named WOODI won the Red Dot Design Award. This motivated us to create a new Polish brand, one that puts an emphasis on the strong “personality” of our products, designed for both office and home environments, and the so-called third space alike. We are all about modern Polish design. We shun mass production as keen advocates of Dieter Rams’ ten principles for good design.



We respect material culture, that’s why we liberate furniture from blandness. We value independence, rejecting imitation and regression. We are a brand that provides the market with modern functional solutions of global quality. We address our offer to people who appreciate distinctive and clear forms, and sophisticated design. We adore objects that combine beauty with utility.

We believe that the design identity has a strong presence on the international market. Using the best materials and state-of-the-art forms, we turn our passion into works of art ready to meet the strictest aesthetic demands.



We are really happy when we look at the effects of our work. We know that the furniture we make is special, and that it can transform virtually any environment. We hope that many more of our products will turn out as successful as WOODI, becoming icons of contemporary design. We are proud to be able to contribute to the global culture in the way we do.

Our everyday professional challenge involves developing innovative designs and putting our ideas into action on our own terms.

Our Presence

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