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100% of our manufacturing takes place in Poland, near Poznań, halfway between Berlin and Warsaw. We don’t pollute the natural environment by importing half-finished products from other continents. Our high-quality components come from Europe, mainly from our country of origin.

We don’t harm local communities. We reduce the consumption of electricity and save on resources in our manufacturing, administration, and sales departments.

We cut the level of emission of hazardous substances, limit the amount of the generated waste, and sort rubbish.



VANK acts addressing individual needs and responding to market requirements. We make furniture only to order, as requested by our clients. We don’t manufacture in excess or waste storage space.

Our designs are customised using an online configuration tool and made available in the form of 3D models to interior designers.

All VANK products are subjected to tests proving their compliance with the relevant European EN standards.



In our design practice, we follow the guidelines of human-centred design, which takes the entire range of human needs into consideration. By eliminating the impact of our products on the natural environment, we act to the benefit of human health.

Committed to promoting well-being among office workers, we offer ergonomic office chairs and several lines of acoustic pods eliminating the problem of noise in contemporary open space environments and acting as means to maintain the right balance between teamwork and spending time on one’s own, enjoying some privacy in peace and quiet.



In minimising the amount of the produced waste, we don’t limit ourselves just to our manufacturing process. Our modular and modifiable pods increase the functional capacity of a given facility and decrease the amount of construction waste generated when the facility is modernised.

We cut fabrics according to the ‘less waste’ concept, and use any leftovers to make some smaller products or hand them over to organisers of sensory workshops for children.

When it comes to long product lifecycle, we offer our clients a range of services such as furniture repairs, reupholstery, and cleaning also after the warranty period.



We design our products with recyclability of the elements featured in them in mind, guided by the intention to make our products easy to disassemble. In the light of the above, we mark the plastic and aluminium components we use with e.g. alloy numbers.

We transfer recyclables such as foams, aluminium, plastics or glass to specialised recycling companies.

Aluminium is a resource we’re particularly fond of since it is recycled from waste, and the process of its recycling takes place in a foundry located in VANK’s vicinity – not on a faraway continent.                                                                                                                                    



Out of concern for forest protection, we check the origin of the wood-based resources we use. Our suppliers of wood-based products are certified with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), who makes sure that e.g. wood-based resources are acquired in a sustainable manner, the levels of harvest required for forest regrowth are adhered to, rare and endangered species and their habitats are protected, the use of crop protection chemicals, artificial fertilisers, and biological control agents is limited, and supervises the effectiveness of the prohibition of using GMO and reclaiming land for new crop fields at the expense of natural and semi-natural forests.

At VANK we use natural veneers – treated by means of water-based paints.



We make our furniture using high-quality upholstery fabrics that come with EU Ecolabel, GIGA (Green Ideas Green Actions), and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification documents.

Our portfolio includes biodegradable and annually recycled fabrics based on natural wool or hemp as well as fabrics made of recycled polyester. All of our upholsteries are recyclable too.

Our suppliers are also engaged in many community matters. For instance, they support programmes such as Wool for Water, where a part of profit made for each metre of wool sold is donated to Just a Drop – a water aid charity operating in Kenya.



All VANK products come with a hygienic approval attesting that they are safe for the health of persons using our furniture, and many of the materials we use, including the foam used in the manufacturing process, bear an Oeko-Tex certificate proving that they comply with the human ecology requirements of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX and are approved to be featured even in products for children.   



The acoustic pods come with lining made of a biodegradable organic material – a meadow mixture of arnica, cornflowers, heather, rose petals, and whole oxeye daisies lined on a breathing underlay made 100% of linen. The new eco- and health-friendly material has been awarded the Green Product Award 2019.



We minimise the impact of transportation and packaging on the natural environment through optimised deliveries of ready products. Our deliveries are always tailored to our clients’ needs, taking the geographic reach into account and making use of a transportation fleet operating at the highest standards. 

We ship our products in recyclable or multiple-use packaging.



We’re about teamwork and open, creative, constructive communication and exchange of ideas. By engaging employees in every stage of the company’s decision-making process, VANK makes the whole team feel responsible for the image and quality of the final product.

Our employees are offered secure employment with many interesting opportunities, including many ways to self-develop and improve their professional skills. Good and friendly working atmosphere is really important to us, that’s why we organise many team-building activities inside the company and are actively engaged in various local initiatives.   



We’re for gender equality and equal opportunities for growth and development. VANK is a creation of modernity, where women are empowered to make decisions and achieve success. At VANK, there are more women-managers, and the company’s board is composed 100% of women. VANK is about a modern, empathy-based, democratic model of management, where the concern for the natural environment and resources for future generations comes naturally.



We operate according to ISO standards, in the scope of both quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental protection (ISO 14001). We also abide by standards related to occupational health and safety (PN-N 18001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007). Our office chairs come with certificates proving their ergonomic properties and durability, and our acoustic office solutions have been certified for their acoustic performance.



The health risks related to the spread of COVID-19 have forced many specialists to consider their long-term implications for the essential elements of office life, such as the use of space, technology, rental, operating costs, corporate culture, and community building. Infection control is therefore a new challenge in the present reality. One that should be taken into account in the design of office environments in the future.

An office space will have to be arranged in a way that its community, safe and creative as ever, is able to carry on the pursuit of the company’s mission, maintain business continuity, market new products on time, and prevent delays from happening in the conditions of fierce competition. That’s why we have created - for our Partners and Clients - publication containing many ways to reconfigure the post-COVID office and proposals for flexible space arrangements.